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The power of giving is a wonderful thing, studies have shown that people feel better about themselves and happier in general when they give. Table Gift seeks to open the door of giving in the best way possible, combining fine dining with the fully balanced experience of giving a small contribution to complete a wonderful meal. Those of us who are lucky enough to be able to enjoy a good meal at a quality restaurant, and maybe wash it down with fine wine, are only to happy to add a small gesture. Giving back in gratitude to their good fortune at the end of their dining experience.

Knowing restaurants and their patrons would rather diversify their contributions, and vary the flow of their efforts to various organizations. Table Gift organizes the process of marketing, and collecting the funds, and then selects quality nonprofits that specialize in various areas to receive contributions.
On going feedback is solicited from the restaurants to make sure there is total alignment from their patrons, themselves, and the recipients of the proceeds, and to also make sure the process remains fresh and vital.

There are so many areas of need in the world, Table Gift seeks to allow everyone to play their part in making a small contribution to change the world around us. We all know that to make a difference we have to be the change we want to see, this is the chance for each person in the chain to make that small change. From the wait staff making the effort when presenting the check, to the restaurant management and owners agreeing to work with and promote the program, to the patron who makes the gesture at the end of their dining experience. We all have to participate in our hope to make things better.

Table Gift is a non profit that is looking for quality people, and quality restaurants that believe in the power of giving.